Curve Newsletter 152

Sorry guys, this week the NL is on holiday and don’t have acces to it hardwallet. So I can’t upload it on Mirror as usual.


</br> You may want to vote

</br> f(x) Protocol is looking for a gauge



</br> …create pools with up to 8 coins ….

</br> Saving account soon on curve 🤑



</br> $123m ! And it’s bear market !

</br> Real world adoption for crvUSD

</br> Another one

</br> Such a chad

</br> Interesting

</br> Put your crvUSD at work


Curve and $CRV elsewhere

</br> Potentialy huge

</br> New bridging incoming

</br> Juicy APY on Warden

</br> Thanks to Silo

</br> Saving account with CRV 😋

</br> Not enought CRV soon


From the community

</br> Vote if you can

</br> Another nice piece of work

</br> Volatility = fees !!

</br> Amazing work

</br> Nice to see a net increase