Prisma Newsletter 1

Welcome to the new Newsletter about Prisma !!

In case you were stuck in a cave since one week you probably noticed a lot of movement around Prisma Finance and the new token $PRISMA ! Here is a small summary of what happened.

Not sure yet if it twill be a weekly, monthly (or something else) newsletter . Let’s wait and see.

Prisma and $PRISMA elsewhere

Few days ago Prisma changed few parameters. On few an increase of the Debt Cap

And it didn’t take long to be filled again

And for sfrxETH

And it didn’t stop as TVL reached $300 million very quickly

The announcement of the $PRISMA token helped a lot ! As users were preparing for the start of $PRISMA emission!

You can also farm $PRISMA on HTX

I didn’t take long for $PRISMA to be listed on CEX

Llamafolio integrated Prisma finance

Claim and lock with convex

WHaaaaat ?? Looks juicy

DYOR and act accordingly before it’s too late

Whales joined the party

And are dumping like savages

Justin does’t care


$PRISMA is a governance token, so is it used to vote and change the project. The first vote is already here

If you voted for Prisma you will be happy soon !

From the community

We love to see this. Let’s be friends and not enemies

A super cool video game

cvxPRISMA will be the better choice ? DYOR