Curve Newsletter 76

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I hope I didn’t forget something.

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Vote and proposal

As always, DYOR before voting !

Vote and proposal

StakeDAO is launching a new product for CRV’s lockers

You can now generate Yied with your $CRV on SwissBorg. Would be curious to know the strategy they are using …

Inverse is joining the Curve war !

General stuffs 🤤

Do the fucking maths guys !!! 😂

Are you also bullish for UST ?

Bribe.crv has a new UI and few improvements.

Seems that there is a new place for bribing veCRV. Not sure if it’s just a new UI are a second platform for bribes.

Cross-Chain Gauges are here !

From the community

And other Curve war explainer ^^

$CRV will ↗️ soon ?

The future will be interesting for sure !