Curve Newsletter 78

Vote and proposal

Do you remember that the 4pool was supposed to kill DAI ?

Did you really think that MakerDAO will lose without fighting ? You can find a summary here.

Vote to add a gauge on the highly used USDC pool on Avalanche

Some concerns about the XST-3CRV pool

Following the Drama last week, some nice discussions happened (when you removed all the noise coming from StakeDAo’s fanboys congratulating each others ^^). Let’s see if this vote will pass or not.

Curve and $CRV elsewhere

It seems that Startgate will join the Curve War very soon 👀

New Pools

TheCitadel_DAO is starting to boostrap the BTC/4pool

General stuffs 🤤

A new player ? Abracadabra wrote a proposal to Whitelist Abracadabra mCRV Voter Contract.

Abracadabra is starting to accumulate $CRV.

Is it time to reduce fees ?

Boosts are now available on sidechains 🤯

Unauthorized fork getting exploited ! This is why we love and use Curve ! Often imitated, but never equalled !

From the community

The most liquid asset 😱 It’s a troll ????